Links about psychotherapy and mental health

I have selected a number of links to the websites of a number of organisations that you may find it helpful to consult about psychotherapy and mental health matters. They are (in my view) either official sites of major professional organisations, or well-backed and researched websites with reliable information supported by many professionals. Nevertheless, they are all coloured by the convictions, specific profession, and school-adherence of their authors.  

Mental health information - UK

Major British membership organisations in counselling, psychotherapy and psychology

  • BABCP - CBT psychotherapists and counsellors
  • BACP - Counsellors and psychotherapists
  • BPC - Psychoanalysts
  • BPS - Psychologists
  • British Psychoanalytical Society - Psychoanalysts at the Institute of Psychoanalysis
  • CFAR Lacanian psychoanalysts
  • COSCA - Psychotherapists and counsellors in Scotland
  • COSRT - Sexual and relationship therapists
  • UKCP - Psychotherapists and counsellors

Some major British organisations with special expertise for LGBT people and in the fields of gender, sexual and relationship diversity

Some American organisations