Come and talk with me;  I'm a psychotherapist and counsellor

If you feel you have problems with living, your relationships or your work, let's see what you can do about it

If you know already that you want to see me, my contact details are here

As you read this, it may not be so clear what you need or want. To help you make up your mind, I offer a couple of extended “consultation” meetings, where we can discuss possible ways forward. Or we can talk over the phone or Skype, or see each other just once.

I specialise in

- anxiety and fear (and the depression that's often connected with it)

- relationship issues

- sexuality- and gender-related issues in the widest sense

- trauma (PTSD), dissociation, abuse

- somatic (bodily) symptoms or issues, involving body and mind, or unclear illnesses: on the psychological, not the medical side

I adapt my way of working to your needs. I have trained in a range of methods, from behavioural and CBT to emotion-focused and psychoanalytically oriented. I work in a relational and attachment-based way. 

Some people come to find someone who listens to them with a completely open mind; for some a life planning meeting might be appropriate; for others goal setting and prioritisation. I always try to provide clarity, a plan, and options.


Psychotherapy aims at improving your well-being through person-to-person contact, connection and conversation. 

You may well be anxious about starting psychotherapy or counselling, or about coming to see me and talking about "things" for the first time. 

There are some issues to consider at the start of psychotherapy.

  • What kind of therapy or counselling? How long will it last?
  • What will the therapy be focusing on? I believe that therapy is often more effective when there are agreed goals.
  • How do you find a therapist who suits you?

I will help you consider the different options and, if it doesn't seem the best choice to work with me, do my best to help you with some referrals, if you want to.

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A consultation

Maybe you have read other parts of my site, or books, and suffer from "psychotherapy information overload". Maybe you aren't even sure if what you want or need is psychotherapy or something else. For that purpose I see people for just a few sessions, without any commitment on either side, to help you to take stock and make up your mind. 

I review your complete situation with you, what it is that bothers you or what you would like to change, improve, or get rid of. We may mainly talk about the problems you are having. We may move quickly to considering what options there are, including anything non-psychotherapy.

The main thing is that at the end we carefully review and consider all your options. The end product would be conclusions, or perhaps an action plan for improving whatever you want to work on.

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