Other psychotherapy-related services I offer

Most of the focus of the information and ideas on this website is on the psychotherapy process with which I support people on an individual or small group / family basis. 

As a psychotherapist I am also available to give lectures, conduct workshops, and consult to other psychotherapists.

If you want to contact me for any of these, email me at contact@henrystrick.com and put "psychotherapyprofession" in the subject line. 

Consulting and coaching

Apart from psychotherapy, I am qualified and experienced in business and business development. If you would want to engage me as an executive coach, for team development, or consultancy, please email me at contact@henrystrick.com and put "coaching" or "consulting" in the subject line. I charge for these business consultancy and coaching services at rates customary for business services and related to the value I provide. The goals aimed for are different from those in psychotherapy, and so are the skills and experience package necessary to be effective in a business environment.