Can psychotherapy save my relationship?

Not in a simple way of "fixing" or "saving" any relationship, but psychotherapy can help effectively in the different processes that you need to go through. ​The first consideration is to explore if you do want to stay in a relationship, or if breaking up might be better. Then, you cannot take one-sided decisions about a relationship; you need to talk and communicate. And a psychotherapist can support you with that process.

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Questions about your intimate relationships

If you have a significant intimate relationship, some questions you may ask yourself are:

  • What do I want from this person and this intimate relationship?
  • What do I bring to this person and this intimate relationship?

When you think group-wise or system-wise about the people in an intimate relationship you are part of, it can help to reflect especially on the following:

  • The role(s) the people play
  • The identity or identities the people bring into the intimate relationship
  • The selves of the people involved: “who am I in this intimate relationship?”

Simple and short. Just a few ideas. Powerful, in my opinion.