What's the matter?

Are you satisfied with your relationships and your life?  Your work?  Your future?  Are you okay financially?  If not, would you like help in considering what you can do about it?

Are you worried, sad, broke, outraged, too scared to think?  Are you having an awful relationship or none at all? Do you hate your job or fear losing it?  Is there something that you can't stop doing and harms yourself or others?

Perhaps you have seen your GP already, talked with your best friend, your partner, your family? 

Perhaps you think you’ve already tried everything to deal with the situation, and now you feel pretty hopeless.  

You deserve better...

If you can tell me what doesn't work, what is missing in your life, or what you'd want to have, come and talk with me to brainstorm what else you can do about it. 

A consultation

I'm a psychotherapist and counsellor, and I specialise in short 'consultations' to consider what might help you.  Although my main activity is psychotherapy, I am familiar with a wide range of alternative ways, methods and approaches to deal with problems and issues, including:

  • what is available from the NHS 
  • alternative or complementary therapies 
  • the whole range of existing types of psychotherapy and counselling
  • personal development
  • life coaching 
  • business coaching 
  • NLP
  • workshops
  • training
  • self-help by using books or videos 

A consultation means discussing with me what might work, out of all conceivable options - not encouraging you to start psychotherapy or counselling - though I am of course very familiar with what that way of working could offer. 

A consultation is not in itself psychotherapy, but reviews your complete situation with you, what it is that bothers you or you would like to change or improve. We then discuss what you could do about it.  If we would come to the conclusion that psychotherapy, out of all the options, would be worth considering, I give you referrals to colleagues of mine, taking into account your locational preferences. 

Do you need to prepare?

It may be helpful to reflect on exactly what it is that bothers you most, what you would like to change, what is missing in your life, and what it is you most want or need.  In addition, it helps if you can tell me as clearly as possible to what extent the problem is caused by something in or about yourself, by others, or by circumstances, and how far you have got in developing ideas as to what to do.  But if you are so overwhelmed by your situation that you can’t bear doing more thinking about it, just bring yourself!

Outcome of the consultation

What will you get out of meeting me? More clarity about what your main problem or issue is; a better understanding about what you want and need; practical options for what you could do in order to have a more fulfilling life. Usually you would learn a lot during the meetings, but I always leave you at the end with a written plan of action that summarises what we have discussed. And if we spoke about specific workshops, organisations, or methods of working that might help, I would leave you with specific referrals by name to organisations or people, in your area whenever possible, to contact.sBe aware that when I speak about options, outcomes and actions, I have a very wide range of possibilities in mind. And it is not all about results-oriented action! If psychotherapy would come up as the major option to consider, we would also consider the type of psychotherapy and the goals. It could be short and goal-focused. It could also involve gently discussing and going through your feelings, perceptions, moods and anxieties, allowing you to gradually move to a more resourceful and empowered attitude to life.

Practicalities and fee

The main format for my consultations is two meetings, two weeks apart, of 1.5 to 2 hours each.  I charge a fixed fee of £270 for the complete process, payable during the first meeting or between the two meetings.  This includes generating referrals or specific options in a particular category.  Sometimes the two meetings are not enough, in which case I would add a third; this would not change the (fixed) price, so it would come for free.  

It is possible and not unusual that simply having these meetings would stand on its own. The process can lead to a lot of change in how you see or approach the issues that concerned you. It may generate ideas that involve actions or decisions on your part without doing any kind of "work", training or therapy.

A consultation would be face to face in my practice room in Hendon, North West London, or possibly by Skype video.

More than one person

If the main focus is on relationship issues, as a couple, family or other group of two or more, I can meet you as a group. The arrangements and fee for that would need to be discussed individually.